Feng Shui Tour of China 2017


In 2017 we travel from the east to the west of China in Master Jodi’s ‘Journey to the West’ Feng Shui Tour of China 2017.



Our journey takes us from Guangzhou, to Guilin, to Sichuan Province, then finishes in Hong Kong! 20-30 September, 2017.

(Optional Hong Kong side tour 1-2 October)

We being by studying the Feng Shui of our meeting-place hotel at Guangzhou International Airport and then go on a consultation with Master Jodi to a client in Guangzhou.

Along the way on our Journey to the West we will travel to see the awesome, spectacular mountains of the Li River and stay for a while in Yangshuo Town where we will visit this spectacular village:

Link to a blog about the village…

Continuing our journey westward we will go to Chengdu, the home of the Pandas.

We will study ancient tales as we pay homage to the famous astrologer, Feng Shui and Qimendunjia master Zhuge Liang, whose friend Liu Bei and his oath brothers Guan Yu and Zhang Fei were important characters depicted in the historical classic Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and we visit their temples.

Our visit to several local villages culminates in Langzhong, the Feng Shui City where we will stay several days. The very likable Master Yohan will show us around.

Bidding farewell to Langzhong we will board a flight to the fabulous and exciting city of Hong Kong, home of famous Feng Shui masters! We will spend our first day visiting a local Feng Shui master, lunching at a fabulous Hong Kong Dim Sum restaurant.

OPTIONAL two extra days exploring the Feng Shui of Hong Kong including a trip out to the New Territories, a guided tour of Chuan Spa at Langham Place (of which Master Jodi created the theme), attending a consultation in a local high rise apartment complex, and attending a tour organised by the Hong Kong Tourism Board.

What more appropriate place to travel than to the west in the year of the Rooster?

“Join me in 2017 on this wonderful journey of exploration and discovery.”

“I liked many things about Jodi’s tour, including: Many hours of formal lecture time (mornings/hotel & on bus) utilizing easy-to-follow notebook . . . up to the last minute of the tour! Good pace & well-planned route = a lot of feng shui learning in a short time. High calibre participants. Master Jodi Feng Shui tours attracts both newer Feng Shui students and also long-time, international professionals with advanced Feng Shui knowledge (e.g., MBAs; PhDs/Architecture; multi-faceted/multi-lingual businessmen/businesswomen). Experienced Master Teacher and local tour organizers helped keep our bodies and
belongings safe.” Diana Abed

“Most favourite were the old villages and how Feng Shui was applied in ancient China. I likeed the tour and can’t fault anything…you went beyond your means to accommodate those who were not happy with Yingtan Village Accommodation and that shows compassion for others and professionalism as a tour guide.” Tina Curro

“I really appreciated the comprehensiveness of the whole experience. We didn’t just visit significant sites pertaining to feng shui, we also studied them before and after the visit. The feng shui classes were a bonus for me. I also really enjoyed the immersion experience of staying in hotels in the area, eating local food, and spending lots of time at significant sites. We didn’t just get off the bus and move quickly through each place. We spent time in each place. It was way more than I expected, and I truly appreciate all the time and effort you put into every detail of the trip.” Nancy Canestaro

“I am so happy to acomplishing China Tour 2016 another experience we had in China. So much to reflect upon and share in the future with my clients and friends. Thank you for your extensive knowledge, support and fun. I really enjoyed the tour and time we had together. I am looking forward to next year adventure.” Aelita Leto

Master Jodi’s tour is designed for a smaller group so we can gain access to towns and villages inaccessible to larger buses; spaces are definitely limited and taken on a first-come-first-served basis.

We will be accompanied in several places by a local guide.

Tour runs from 20-30 September, 2017 (OPTIONAL extra 2 days after).

Make your payment for a special earlybird booking price of AUD$3000. Price after deadline: AUD$3500. This is a twin share price (two beds in a room). For a single room, additional AUD$500 applies (for early bird and regular price). STRICT PAYMENT DEADLINES.

Price includes all transportation, accommodation and most meals within China, plus a course workbook and Feng Shui tools. Price does not include airfares/travel costs from your home to Guangzhou Airport, China. An extensive document outlining all details will be sent to you once you make a deposit.

Buy a return ticket to Hong Kong International Airport and purchase one flight to Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport from there. You can also take a bus or ferry, ask Master Jodi how to do this (for the adventurous traveller).

Our first hotel is Pullman Guangzhou Airport, it’s a 5 star hotel, they will arrange airport meet and greet in a little buggy to take you to the hotel.

Complete itinerary available below, please make your deposit to reserve your place!

See photographs from previous tours.

Dates check Calendar.

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Deposit due 30 April, 2017, Earlybird price balance due 6 June, 2017, Earlybird single room due 6 June, 2017, Full price total due 30 June 2017, Full price single room total due 30 June 2017, Optional Hong Kong extra 2 days